Architecture workshops hosted by Markus Bader (raumlabor)

architectural probings in public spaces.
3 open workshops by and with:
> tor lindstrand | economy (stockholm)
> christoph schmidt | institute for applied urbanism
> mauricio corbalan | m7red (buenos aires)

Monday 11.10 - presentations by Mauricio Corbalan and Christoph Schmidt
Wednesday 13:10 - presentation by Tor Lindstrand
From Tuesday to Sunday - 11:00-19:00

hosted by markus bader (raumlabor berlin) and the KNOT

„space is a product of social interaction“
(henri lefebvre)

the set of workshops will explore the conditions of publicness and INTERaction of spaces in and around the KNOT. the workshops starts with the hypothesis that top down urban planning methods, aiming to achieve a determined project through an abstract process of planning and internal discussion, aiming to pre define possible futures, do not work in many situations. if we understand the city as a dynamic entity, we could read it with the analogy of a living being. and life does not generally follow planned routes, but is rather good for surprises and detours. looking for a less dterministic, but more dynamic approach to architecture, we need to find ways of integrating learning and testing situations into the design and planning processes. working with 1:1 actions and interventions allows to get in touch with the real conditions of a place.

Monday, 11.10.2010 | 12:00

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